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Not Much Luck Tonight

I don’t seem to be having the best of luck tonight. I’ve come home after suffering defeat at indoor soccer, we lost by a goal with a final score of 4-3. We did play very well though, which i’m proud of. It was a hard fought loss.

Apple Image displayed during boot After about 30 minutes of using my laptop it decides to freeze up requiring a reboot. Only it didn’t come back up after rebooting. It displays a folder icon with a question mark where the apple logo normally is during boot and doesn’t go any further.

I attempted to recover the boot partition by using my trusty Snow Leopard Disk, It’s a mac :) When I go to repair the disk I get the error Invalid content in Journal and then later Invalid B-tree node size.

This is the second time that the boot partition had corrupted for this hard drive within the last few weeks. It defiantly seems like the hard drive is about to die. Such a shame because it was a nice and fast 128GB SSD. Replacing it is going to cost over $400 which is a bit to fork out for a student like myself. I’m hoping the warranty is still valid, but I still have to check it and see.