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Indoor Soccer Season Starts Again

Tonight our indoor soccer team had a great win to start off the new season, making me feel much better about our last season in which we finished 5th out of 6 teams (was really 7 but one pulled out near the end). Well OK, it was only a grading match tonight, although i’ll take a 11 - 3 win anytime. We managed to pull this off with 5 players and no substitutes, the other team had a spare man and seemed to swap around every few mins.

Being a grading week there was bound to be a few new teams floating around and we were probably lucky to run into one of them. I could tell straight away that our opponents hadn’t played in a while as they were asking the referee if they had to kickoff in a forwards direction. Later the goalie asked which colour line was his boundary, confirming my thoughts.

I’m not sure what the team name of our opposition was, although I did think they played quite well. It took us around 10 minutes before we started to get one up and pull away. In those first ten minutes we only managed to score 1 or 2 goals, although we didn’t concede which was a bonus.

Towards the end of the match the opposing team became sloppy and stopped marking as tightly as they were in the beginning. This lead to many break away runs after we had won possession. I managed to put 2 goals into the net and had many 2 on 1 runs which I was able to give to our new player ‘amundo’ who ended up with at least 7 goals.

In the end we won scoring 11 goals with only 3 against us. I think this was a great start to the season and we’re now in a great position with lots of confidence going into our second grading match. We should easily make the top division again this year and i’m hoping we finish 4th our higher so we can make the finals this year.