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Setup Radiant Projects Easily With Radiant-go

Recently I began work on a project called radiant-go. Radiant-go is a rubygem that allows you to setup radiant projects easily. It saves a huge amount of time when setting up applications and it’s very easy to configure.

Here’s some quick instructions on how to go about using it:

First we install our radiant-go gem. It depends on radiant and bundler so it will install those too if they aren’t installed yet.

gem install radiant-go

Now we can generate our configuration files and modify them to our needs. This step is only necessary if you want to modify the initial configuration of your application.

radiant-go -c project

Now we can run our generator. If you have followed the step above, you need to run the generator on the same folder.

radiant-go project

That’s all, we’re done. Your Radiant install is ready to use.