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Messing Around With Project Euler

So I got a little bit bored today and wanted a change to my daily routine. I realised that I haven’t done any Project Euler problems in quite a while. If you don’t know what Project Euler is and you’re into programming or math then have a read over here.

It’s basically a great way to practise your math and programming skills. You can compete with your friends also which is fun :) I started when my friend Tyson suggested he could solve me than me.

I’ve been solving my euler problems in Ruby because … well why not? Today I managed to solve 3 problems, taking my grand total to 33 out of a possible 300 problems. <=== Sounds more exciting when it’s in bold, right?

So while solving all these problems i’m slowly developing a set of simple libraries that are used across multiple problems. Seems to be saving me a bit of time now. The helper libraries (well only 1 at the moment) are available over at github.