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Autoresize Textarea Extension for the Radiant CMS

Dirk, a close friend of mine had previously modified the radiant CMS so that all textarea controls in the administration interface would automatically resize to fit their contents. It was really neat and worked well, although we both talked about moving it into a radiant extension so that it could easily be used by others.

Getting started creating radiant extensions is really easy thanks to the generator that is provided. In a couple of hours, armed with my favourite text editor and a account the extension was published as a gem and ready to use. Here’s how you go about using it:

Either create or get hold of an existing radiant project. The extension should work with radiant version 0.9 or greater, then simply run:

gem install radiant-autoresize_textarea-extension

Now add the following line to your config/environment.rb

config.gem radiant-autoresize_textarea-extension, :lib => false

Now we’re almost done, we just need to run update on our extension to copy over the required files.

rake radiant:extensions:autoresize_textarea:update

Also, if I could think of a better name instead of “autoresize_textarea” I would have named it something else, add a note with your suggestion if you can think of one.